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Armour plates protect from armour piercing bullets!

Armour plates withstand  5.45 armour-piercing and 7.62 SVD metallic core bullets from 20-25 meters distance

     Armour plate & gun

Armour plate impact 1

 Armour plate impact 2

The company UAB "GEO Institutas" is in the market of heat treatment technologies, working at the edge of steels resistance. The development of the company started with the production of geological equipment parts (Website:, continued with impact and abrasion resistant chipper blades (  The ultimately strong armour plates is the new development of our company.

For purpose to produce most advanced armour plates, we done the extensive material research.


Zoom of the impact site of the armour plate does not contain any crater or damage of the bullets. That indicates the durability of the ballistic plates and highest level of protection.


 We make different sizes of armour plates (ballistic plates). Thickness is from 3 to 25 mm. 















UAB GEO Institutas provides its own designation of armor steel plate (Protection 570 Armor Steel Plate) that complies with the MIL-DTL-12560K specification in a hardness grade 570 and thicknesses from 6.0 mm to 30 mm and with a Rockwell Hardness of 56-58 HRC is high end for military armored vehicles as well as excavator wearing parts. GEO Institute protection 570 armor plated steel is manufactured by a direct quench process for strength, hardness and high dimensional accuracy.
Developed clearly for resistance to high explosive and artillery projectiles, the steel boasts exceptional hardness and strength, which provide outstanding anti-ballistic properties. The material has a tensile strength of 2023 MPa and a yield strength of 1600 MPa, providing high-grade protection against deformation and breakage.