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Armour plates protect from armour piercing bullets!

Armour plates withstand  5.45 armour-piercing and 7.62 SVD metallic core bullets from 20-25 meters distance

     Armour plate & gun

Armour plate impact 1

 Armour plate impact 2


Light weight quenched and tempered steel armour plates capable to withstand the armour piercing machine gun bullets:

        • Stops steel core penetrator rounds
        • Minimal Back Face Deformation (BFD)
        • Consistent performance to the edge
        • Extreme multi-hit protection
        • Long shelf life

The ultimate strength of the steel is over 2000 MPa with the yield strength ove 1600 MPa.  


Several armour piercing grades are available:

1. The light grade:   the plate thickness - 3 mm

2. Medium grade: the plate thickness - 4.5 mm

3. Super strong grade: the plate thickness - 6 mm



Material strength is checked in accredited laboratory.


Testing report 1: